Merit Employee Relations Board

Providing timely disposition of Merit employee grievance and maintenance review classification appeals.

State Merit Rules Chapter 13

13.0 Performance Review

13.1 Purpose of Performance Review. The DHR Secretary shall provide for systematic performance review to communicate expectations and responsibilities, recognize achievement, and identify areas for skill development and work performance improvement.

13.2 Changes in Performance. Recognition of effort, accomplishment, improvement or the need for further skill development shall be addressed as needed by verbal discussions, written communication, and/or formal documentation.

13.3 Unsatisfactory Performance. When an employee’s work performance is considered unsatisfactory, the performance must be documented in writing, and the specific weaknesses must be made known to the employee. The employee shall be given documented assistance to improve by the designated supervisor. An opportunity for re- evaluation will be provided within a period of 3 to 6 months.

13.4 Review Appeal. The employee shall have the right to discuss any performance review or documentation with the next level of authority and may submit written comments.


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