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Merit Employee Relations Board

Providing timely disposition of Merit employee grievance and maintenance review classification appeals.

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State Merit Rules Chapter 16

16.0 Human Resource Records 16.1 Master Personnel Records. A master personnel record for each employee shall be established and maintained by each agency. The records shall include copies of: application for employment; each Human Resource transaction; attendance and leave records; employee Performance Review documents; grievance records; verification of education and employment and any other records […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 17

17.0 Payroll 17.1 Payroll Change. An agency head or other official may add an employee to the payroll, change his/her salary or status only upon prior execution of the properly completed human resource transactions as specified by the DHR Secretary. 17.2 Review of Payrolls. No person shall make or approve payment for personal services to […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 12

12.0  Employee Accountability 12.1 Employees shall be held accountable for their conduct. Disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal shall be taken only for just cause. “Just cause” means that management has sufficient reasons for imposing accountability. Just cause requires: showing that the employee has committed the charged offense; offering specified due process rights specified […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 13

13.0 Performance Review 13.1 Purpose of Performance Review. The DHR Secretary shall provide for systematic performance review to communicate expectations and responsibilities, recognize achievement, and identify areas for skill development and work performance improvement. 13.2 Changes in Performance. Recognition of effort, accomplishment, improvement or the need for further skill development shall be addressed as needed […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 15

15.0 Employee Responsibilities 15.1 Attendance. Appointing authorities shall be responsible for the attendance of all employees in their agency. No employee shall be paid unless he/she is at work in accordance with these rules and departmental or agency rules or he/she is on authorized paid leave. 15.1.1 Every employee is required to report to work […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 5

5.0  Employee Benefits 5.1 Holidays 5.1.1 The following days are legal holidays for employees: New Year’s Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day: Veterans’ Day; General Election Day; Thanksgiving Day; Day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Day; and Return Day (the second day after the General Election), 3.75 hours for […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 6

6.0 Recruitment and Application Policies 6.1 Recruitment. It is the policy of the State of Delaware to search widely and vigorously for the most qualified persons to fill positions in the classified service while providing equal employment opportunity and meeting the objectives of the State of Delaware Affirmative Action Plan. 6.1.1 Agencies shall recruit and […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 18

18.0 Grievance Procedure 18.1 To promote positive working relationships and better communications, employees and their supervisors shall informally meet and discuss employee claims of Merit Rule or Merit law violations prior to filing a formal grievance. Merit employees have the right to use this grievance procedure free of threats, intimidation or retaliation, and may have […]

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State Merit Rules Chapter 19

19.0 Definitions “Adjusted Service Date”: total length of employment in State of Delaware positions used to calculate vacation accrual rates. The DHR Secretary shall establish procedures for calculating this time. “Agency”: any board, department, elected office or commission which receives an appropriation in accordance with 29 Del.C. Chapter 59. This definition does not preclude the […]

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State Merit Rules

STATE OF DELAWARE MERIT RULESAdopted by Merit Employee Relations BoardJanuary 01, 2004—Last Update 02/01/2018Statutory Authority: 29 Delaware CodeSection 5914 (29 Del.C. 5914) Complete Merit Rules:  2018 Revised Merit Rules – complete 1. Introduction 2. Non-Discrimination 3. Classification of Positions 4. Pay Plan 5. Employee Benefits 6. Recruitment and Application Policies 7. Screening and Ranking Applicants 8. […]

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