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State Merit Rules Chapter 8

8.0  Certification

8.1 Request for Referral List. Whenever an appointing authority desires to fill a position, a request for referral of eligibles shall be completed following the procedure prescribed by the DHR Secretary.

8.2 Referral of Eligibles. Upon receipt of a request for a referral to fill a position, the appointing authority shall certify all names from the layoff list that exists for the class, names of former employees approved for reinstatement, current employees eligible for transfer in the same classification and issue no more than thirty (30) eligible candidates. In case of ties, all equally qualified candidates will be placed on the list.

  • 8.2.1 Any candidate whose name appears on a referral list may be considered to fill the vacancy for which the list was requested. Should the list be unsatisfactory, it may be returned and subsequent lists may be requested, provided the reasons for rejection accompany the returned list.
  • 8.2.2 Referral lists must be rank ordered in accordance with procedures outlined by the DHR Secretary. In those circumstances where there are no ranking procedures in place and the number of qualified candidates is equal to or fewer than the maximum number to be referred, names may be referred in alphabetical order. In those instances, the appointing authority must be informed that the list is in alphabetical order.

8.3 Veteran’s Preference. Veterans and disabled veterans, as defined or their unremarried widows, shall receive five (5) additional and ten (10) additional points respectively upon successful completion of the screening and ranking process for initial appointment to State employment only and they may be required to present proof of honorable discharge, and in the case of disabled veterans, of disability.

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