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-Martha Austin, Chairperson – New Castle County
-John F. Schmutz, Esq., Member – New Castle County
-Paul R. Houck, Member – Sussex County
-Victoria D. Cairns, Member – Kent County
-Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins, Member - Wilmington

The MERB consists of five (5) Board members, including two (2) management representatives, two (2) labor representatives and a Chairperson.

Board members are appointed by the Governor, with Senate approval, for a term of three (3) years, or until their successors are appointed.

Board members must be residents of Delaware for at least three (3) years immediately preceding appointment.

One (1) member shall reside in the City of Wilmington, one (1) shall reside in the remainder of New Castle County, one (1) shall reside in Kent County and one (1) in Sussex County. The fifth (5th) member may reside anywhere in the State.