Merit Employee Relations Board

Providing timely disposition of Merit employee grievance and maintenance review classification appeals.

State Merit Rules Chapter 16

16.0 Human Resource Records

16.1 Master Personnel Records. A master personnel record for each employee shall be established and maintained by each agency. The records shall include copies of: application for employment; each Human Resource transaction; attendance and leave records; employee Performance Review documents; grievance records; verification of education and employment and any other records or information considered appropriate. At the discretion of the DHR Secretary, these records may be either physical (hard) copies or computer-stored data. Personnel records are confidential and shall be maintained as necessary to ensure their confidentiality. These and other employee records shall be readily available for review by the DHR Secretary or the DHR Secretary’s designee. Unauthorized disclosure of any portion of a State employee’s records shall be grounds for dismissal.

16.2 Employee Access to Records. Employees shall have controlled access to their records. After obtaining permission of the appointing authority, employees shall be scheduled to examine their records under the supervision of those charged with maintaining such records.

16.3 Human Resource Transactions. All appointments, separations, and other HR transactions shall be made as specified by the DHR Secretary.

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